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A Cry Without a Voice History
Krissi and Rebecca's Story

Krissi Rutledge Vasquez was a young woman at Southeastern Bible College in 2004 who began to think of the 'silent' war which is ravaging lives in our 'Homeland' everyday.  She saw that as men and women risk their lives for our freedom, it is those 'freedoms' that are ending unborn life.

She began  to collect 3500 baby shoes to display on the Washington, DC Mall to show how our nation's children's 'destiny's' are affected by abortion.

The 'A Cry Without a Voice Project' was to represent three 'cries' associated with abortion.

1.  The first cry is the unborn child(ren) in the womb crying out for LIFE.
2.  Second, are the mothers who silently grieve year after year and have no voice due to the guilt and shame they carry. 
3.  The third cry represents the fathers who have no voice in whether their child will have a destiny thanks to a 'woman's right' to choose.

Only 1200 baby shoes were collected but it created a bigger impact when people realized it was only 1/3 of the daily loss.  There were 35 pairs of named baby shoes tagged 'In Loving Memory' at the original display.

Rebecca Porter was asked to take over the project in 2005.  She helped with the original display and her children's tagged baby shoes are part of it.  She has taken small displays all over America and around the world.

There are now over 1600 tagged pairs collected since becoming the 'A Cry Without a Voice' Memorial.

The baby shoes are tagged by Mother's, Father's, Siblings, and friends in memory of actual children lost to abortion.  Some have been sent to the memorial after completing an abortion recovery group, but the majority has been tagged during the display.

Parts of the Memorial have traveled to Operation Outcry events and retreats • TheCall prayer and fasting gatherings in Nashville, Orlando, Montgomery and Washington DC, San Diego, and Dallas • America for Jesus Rally • Creation Festivals • Soul Festivals • Texas, Pennsylvania, Georgia • University of Florida and University of Miami • Tallahassee, FL and displayed in the Capital Rotundra and Internationally to Israel, Holland, Poland, Germany and Jamaica.

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